January 2019, in Kouaxoe, Togo, the nurserymen are in charge!

Team of nursery growers from Kouaxoe / © APAF – Togo

Kouaxoe, January 2019

The farmers of the village of Kouaxoe started their agroforestry activities by setting up the nursery.

Under Paul’s supervision, the new APAF-Togo Agroforestry Technical Advisor selected to monitor the villages of Zio, the small equipment was distributed, the nursery site was cleaned and the village nursery was set up.

small equipment for the nurserymen of Kouaxoe / © APAF – Togo

The work was carried out in a very good atmosphere!

The species of fertilizer trees grown in nurseries will be mainly: Albizia stipulata, Albizia lebbeck, Samanea saman, Leucaena leucocephala.


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