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Choose the project and the number of trees to offer:

  1. Read the following and click on “I offer a tree”
  2. You will be redirected to our plantation projects
  3. Select the planting project and add the number of trees you want to offer
  4. Go to the basket and fill in your information and the information of the gift receiver
  5. Validate your basket and receive an email confirming your donation. The gift receiver will get an email with all the details of the gift. Bonus: the gift receiver will be kept informed of the selected project throughout its implementation!

You remain the donor! All donations made on this website are deductible from your income tax up to 66% and 60% for a company if you are a tax resident of France. The tax receipt corresponding to your donations is available at the beginning of the following tax year in your donor space.

5 reasons to offer a tree


You have a question, a suggestion, or you want to propose a project ... write your message and we will answer you very quickly. Thank you


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