Plant trees for the planet and local populations

Since 2017, A Tree for You has been promoting trees across all territories to preserve and improve our environment, develop employment and quality of life, and also promote social ties, both global and intergenerational, by transmitting a living, symbolic, and lasting legacy.

A Tree for You, a non-profit association (under the French law of 1901), is a plantation operator that enables individuals and companies to support planting projects, in France and around the world, by donating in exchange for tax receipts. A Tree for You selects projects with the help of a selection committee of experts and works in the field with experienced planting partners.

Through the Trip And Tree programme, set up with Air France, passengers can donate when they travel.

The association could never have happened without the support of its founding members: Air France, Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile, and Voies Navigables de France.

Donating to A Tree for You is:

simple and transparent: A Tree for You provides breakdowns of tree prices together with details on stakeholders in the field, work schedules, and the geolocation of plantations –  for each and every one of its projects…. A Tree for You is a tried and trusted third party.

traceable: donors themselves choose where to plant their trees. After making a donation, they join the social network dedicated to their selected project(s) and receive news about their trees for at least three years.

educational: each project details the species planted, beneficiaries and expected loss rate, as well as the environmental and social benefits, in order to raise awareness of forestry and agroforestry issues among donors.

inclusive: A Tree for You gives everyone the opportunity to donate, offering a wide choice of projects on all continents and trees at all prices!

Joining the A Tree for You planting community means becoming involved in the strong collective ambition to reforest the planet with millions of trees every year.

In the projects we have selected, the trees bring many benefits

Enriched soils

Trees play a role in enriching and restructuring soil by capturing atmospheric C02, nourishing soil life and anchoring themselves with their roots.

This action helps protect against soil degradation, impoverishment and erosion.

Together with other plants, trees effectively tackle desertification.

Regulated the water cycle

Trees regulate the water cycle. They enhance its infiltration into the soil, thus reducing the risk of flooding and erosion.

Trees evaporate a large part of it, creating a cooler and more humid local microclimate.


Together with agroforestry cultures or exploited as forests in sustainable conditions, trees contribute to creating employment in territories.

Consequently, populations become the best guardians of plantations.

Biodiversité protégée

Trees provide shelter and food for diverse animal, plant species, fungi and useful bacteria and so help create a richer biodiversity.

In agroforestry, trees limit the use of insecticides or fungicides by favouring the presence of auxiliary species. 

Cooler climate

Trees capture C02 and use it to grow their trunks, branches, leaves and roots. They store it in the soil, thus combating the greenhouse effect.

The species of trees planted are chosen for their ability to adapt to climate change.

By cooling the local microclimate, the trees improve the well-being of humans and animals and favour certain crops in hot climates.

A Tree For You is first and foremost a good will community!

Jean-Luc Mathieu, Deputy Treasurer, honorary master counsellor to the French court of Auditors (so our accounting is in good hands!).

They provide moral support for our cause:

“Restoring land delivers rapid results, is relatively cheap, and enables local populations to regain both food and financial self-sufficiency. It creates green jobs at the local level, particularly for the most vulnerable members of society such as women and young people.

“As a consequence, improving environmental conditions opens up opportunities for current and future generations for whom, up until now, migration was the sole strategy for adapting to environmental and climate changes.”

Monique Barbut, honorary member of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

“Governments have a role to play, but we citizens can influence the course of events.”

Jean Jouzelclimatologist and glaciologist, member of the French Academy of Sciences (Académie des Sciences). Between 2002 and 2015 he was Vice-President of the scientific working group within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the organisation that won the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 together with Al Gore Jr.


“Earth is a space ship travelling at 30km a second around the sun and we are all crew members, not just passengers. In other words, we have a role to play and must shoulder the responsibilities of managing this ship.”

Jean-François Clervoy, an astronaut with the European Space Agency, has completed three NASA Space Shuttle missions.

Why trees?

“Over the last two centuries, humanity has taken possession of spaces and species at an alarming speed, leaving no time or capacity to adapt.  The diversity of life is significantly damaged. The problem is complex and the solutions multifactorial.

Analysing the earth’s ecosystem, however, reveals trees to be the common denominator of living for all species. Omnipresent on all continents, they gratify the planet and humanity with their diverse potential. Trees are a material for building and heating, shelter and canopy for biodiversity, the earth-sky water tower. They provide oxygen and regulate climate, sequester carbon, safeguard soils, and may act as intermediary between agriculture and nature.

To Tree Citizens!”

Doctor and polar explorer, Jean-Louis Etienne  was the first person to reach the North Pole solo. He has also completed the longest crossing of Antarctica to date.

A TREE FOR YOU is an association governed exclusively by volunteers:

André-Jean Guérin, President. The first director of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation and a member of the French Academy of Agriculture, André-Jean has spent his career supporting environmental causes.

Gérard Feldzer, Vice-president, had the bright idea of a bringing together people and tree planting projects. A retired airline pilot and expert in transport and aviation, Gérard has a regular slot on the French radio station Franc Info.

Geneviève Ferone-Creuzet, Vice-president. Founder of Casabee, Geneviève is a pioneer in corporate and environmental social responsibility.

Lionel Guerin, Vice-president, is actively involved in promoting biodiversity in airport zones with HOP Biodiversité. A trained pilot, Lionel was previously Managing Director at HOP ! and deputy CEO of Air France.

Vincent ETCHEBEHERE, Vice-President, representing the company and the support of Air France. He is Director of Sustainable Development and New Mobility at Air France.

Dominique POISSON, Treasurer, agricultural engineer, ex-DSI, ex-quality control in IT services company

Jean-Luc MATHIEU, Deputy Treasurer, Honorary Master Counsellor of the Court of Auditors

Han Ngoc Ha, Secretary General of A TREE FOR YOU, and President-founder of the association ZEBUNET, a micropayment platform for animal rearing.

Eric Héraud, Head of Communications and Spokesperson for the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

Muriel MOURNETAS, Public Affairs and Institutional Relations of Voies Navigables de France

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the association, Joëlle TOURE, an agronomist, develops the projects and manages all operations.

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the association, Aimy CARADEC, a jurist in environmental law, develops the projects and manages all operations.

Christine WEILL is a volunteer for the association and is in charge of the search for donors. She is a former director at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

With their skills and experience, they pre-select projects for the Board that meet our criteria and are sustainable, and follow them throughout their implementation.

Anneke De Rouw, agronomist-ecologist, in charge of HC research at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, IRD)

Samuel REBULARD, agronomist and Associate Professor of Biology and Earth Sciences. He is co-responsible for the preparation of the French Aggregation exam at the University of Paris-Saclay and the author of Défi Alimentaire (Belin Education, 2018)

Alain RIVAL, agronomist, manager of R&D projects in tropical agriculture and forestry at CIRAD

Jean-Louis JANEAU, hydro-ecologist and soil specialist at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, IRD)

Jean-Marie LEJEUNE, Forestry Engineer at the Ministry of Agriculture

Active in the field, they all have proven experience of running quality projects that respect nature as well as men and women:


Agrisud enables communities in countries in the southern hemisphere to make a decent living off their land, on their land. Working with local partners, this NGO trains these communities in the principles of agro-ecology and supports them in practice, including the economic management of their crops.



The association for the promotion of fertiliser trees (Association pour la Promotion des Arbres Fertilitaires, APAF) has developed a proven method based on so-called ‘fertiliser trees’ to transform and developer agroforestry in sub-Saharan Africa.


PLANTONS pour l'avenir

The PLANTONS pour l’avenir trust is working to bring abandoned forests in France back into operation, to develop local economic fabric, and decrease the country’s dependency on timber imports.


The French Agroforestry Association (Association Française d’Agroforesterie, AFAF) oversees French network of all reconversion projects in favour of agriculture that embraces the benefits of trees.


Extending the artistic work and environmental commitments of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, GoodPlanet Foundation, recognised as a public utility, seeks to put ecology and humanism foremost in our minds and stimulate a desire to take real action for the planet and its inhabitants.

PUR Projet is a social business working to regenerate the ecosystems we depend on. This action helps strengthen the value chains of companies and improve the quality of life for local communities. PUR Project runs environmental and social projects delivering positive impacts in a myriad of agricultural segments, both animal and plant, in over 40 countries worldwide.


Part of the team during the signing of the grant agreement with DGAC, Air France, and VNF, at the Paris Air Show in June 2017.


They are supporting us: many thanks to all three!

Air France connects people and cultures and meets the growing demand for travel around the world. Aware of the impact of our activity on the environment, we are committed on a daily basis to implementing concrete actions to sustainably achieve these objectives, while preserving the environment and promoting social progress.

To achieve our objectives of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 *, we are acting on several levers: modernizing our fleet, improving our operational efficiency and setting up a sustainable alternative fuels sector.

In addition to these measures and to increase customers’ awareness of climate issues, we are offering travelers the opportunity to make a concrete gesture for the Planet.

Through the Trip and Tree by Air France program, developed in association with A Tree For You, it is possible to take part in various reforestation projects in France, or around the world: these projects were selected by a scientific committee composed of recognized experts, for their environmental scope as well as for the role they play in the development of local populations.

Because this is an initiative that everyone can take part in, and because each tree counts: make a gesture for the planet by joining our eco-friendly Trip and Tree community!

* compared to 2011

The French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile, DGAC) bases its ecological transition strategy for air transport on three fundamentals: repositioning aviation within today’s changing transport context; tackling climate change; reducing local pollution linked to air transport, particularly air quality in and around airports and noise exposure for local inhabitants.

Following the COP 21 agreement, aviation was the first sector to adopt an international standard for decreasing its environmental footprint. The aim is to stabilise CO2 emissions at the level reached by 2020, despite the fact air traffic is set to grow by 5% year on year. Four steps are being taken to achieve this goal: improving the environmental performance of aircraft; introducing operational procedures for reducing fuel consumption; developing biofuels; economic measures.

Joining the Trip and Tree project, run by the association A Tree For You, opens up a further window of opportunity for Air France customers to take action and commit to reducing, even eliminating, environmental footprint of their flights.

Voies Navigables de France

Voies Navigables de France (VNF) is the French navigation authority responsible for managing and promoting 6,700km of inland waterways nationwide, their 4,000 engineering structures, and 40,000 hectares of public domain property. It performs three main tasks: developing waterborne logistics and transport; hydraulic management in tune with ecosystems; land planning.

Waterborne transport helps reduce urban congestion and CO2 emissions. The functions of the hydraulic network, often bordered by trees such as the celebrated planes along Canal du Midi, centre around navigation and water supply. It also provides a unique space for biodiversity.

Convinced of the multiple benefits of trees – preserving biodiversity, managing rainwater, preventing soil erosion, or even helping to reduce concentrations of fine particulates – VNF takes great care of them across the entire waterway infrastructure.

Mindful of these challenges and opportunities, VNF is an enthusiastic supporter of A Tree For You and its tree planting initiative.


You have a question, a suggestion, or you want to propose a project ... write your message and we will answer you very quickly. Thank you


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