November 2018, what news from our nursery owners? Focus on the Ndrasana family nursery

Manual weeding / © Agrisud International

Itasy Lake, november 2018

Ndrasana is one of the nursery owners supported by the Mahavotra project. Thanks to your donations, he was able to set up a nursery of 50 000 plants with a wide variety of species: coffee trees, tangerine trees, soursop, acacia trees, rosewood…

Ndrasana introduces us to the layering lychee practice / © Agrisud International

“I decided to become a nurseryman 7 years ago, after the training I received from the Mahavotra project. Thanks to this activity my income is steady the whole year and, most importantly, I can increase it at this specific period where previously I only took care of land preparation. Today, my wife takes care of this job while I work in our family nursery, we share the tasks.”

View of Ndrasana’s nursery / © Agrisud International

Nursery seedlings require a lot of attention and daily monitoring for watering and weeding. Ndrasana has already done the thinning, which consists of removing the weakest stems if several have grown together. He must also occasionally move the pots to prevent the roots from sinking into the nursery floor.

From coffee seed to coffee plant / © Agrisud International
Young coffee plants protected from the burning sun / © Agrisud International

The most fragile seedlings, such as coffee trees, are currently shaded by a straw roof, but in a few weeks they will be strong enough to benefit from the Itasy sun.

Ndrasana is now preparing for the upcoming planting campaign.

Next step: Launch of the planting campaign!


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