November 2018: in Pejarakan (Bali), new mangroves will be planted soon

Putri Menjangan community member / © PUR Projet

Bali, November 2018
Good news! In Bali, the second mangroves’ plantation wave is announced for the end of the year!
Last week, Emilia and Florian from PUR Projet, visited the project and they have some updates! Currently 15,000 mangroves plants, from different species, are waiting in the nursery, almost ready to take root under the ground.

Mangroves’ planting ready to be planted / © PUR Projet

Similar to last year, the Putri Menjangan community, local partner of PUR Projet, will take care of the plantation. As a reminder, for the launch of the project 25,000 mangroves were planted. Putri Menjangan community finds the mangrove’s seeds in the forest.

Mangroves planted one year ago / © PUR Projet

Donations made through A Tree For You will fund 5,000 trees.
A new plantation method will be tested: propagules will be directly planted in the soil, without recovering it with polybags. This will help save time… and avoid using plastic, even if the plastic is always recycled.

Old salt marsh converted into a mangroves’ forest / © PUR Projet

Some mangroves are planted on sites subject to strong waves, others are planted in relatively calm areas. In any case, locations are selected according to its erosion risks exposure, in order to solve this problem.

Pejarakan beach, Bali / © PUR Projet

Species to be planted:
Stilted mangrove – Rhizophora Stylosa
Loop-root mangrove – Rhizophora Mucronata
Tall-stilt mangrove – Rhizophara Apicula
Yellow mangrove – Ceriops Australis
Tengar – Ceriops Tagal
Oriental mangrove – Bruguiera Gymnorrhiza


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