Planting chestnut trees and douglas firs in France, Orne

1 stable tree: 11.80

Objective: 2120 stable trees amounting to 25016

already funded: 2120 trees


Yves wants to transform an old apple orchard, currently abandoned, into a forest. To make this happen let’s plant 2,120 chestnut trees, douglas firs, and some cork oaks to boost biodiversity, honey and forestry production.

Up to 66% of donations as an individual are tax deductible from your taxable income, to a limit of 20% of the taxable income, if you are a tax resident of France.

For example, after tax deductions:

  • a €10 donation costs you €3.40
  • a €30 donation costs you €10.20
  • a €50 donation costs you €17

A Tree for You will issue  the tax receipt for the full year of donations at the start of the following calendar year. This receipt can only be made if the postal details of your tax residence are fully completed in your donor area.

Operated by : Plantons pour l'avenir


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