Plantation of hedgerows by farmers in Normandy, FRANCE

Plant trees
for a donation of 16

1 tree: 8.00

Objective: 10500 trees amounting to 84000

already funded: 9679 trees


This project, located in the Argentan region of Normandy, aims to plant hedgerows with the help of 35 farmers, thus completing the existing hedgerow network, typical of this region. Planting 10,500 trees, of which 15 different species, will allow the development of a rich and diversified fauna as well as a source of shelter and food and will also be an important support for the local flora.

Up to 66% of donations as an individual are tax deductible from your taxable income, to a limit of 20% of the taxable income, if you are a tax resident of France.

For example, after tax deductions:

  • a €10 donation costs you €3.40
  • a €30 donation costs you €10.20
  • a €50 donation costs you €17

The tax receipt for your donations is available in your donor area – under My Donations, then Tax Receipts. donations and tax receipts. For this, please make sure to complete your postal details in your profile.

If you make another donation in the same tax year, the tax receipt will automatically be updated in your space. Don’t forget to download the latest version before attaching it to your tax return!

Partner : BNE_Bois


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