Ecuadorian Amazon: 10,000 plants ready at the nursery!

Layout of planting beds at the San Carlos community nursery ©Ishpingo

Tena, Ecuador, october 2020

In the Canton of Tena in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 10,013 seedlings were prepared thanks to your support. Two thirds of them will be for timber production and the last third are fruit trees. Thanks to these trees, farmers will improve their standard of living and not be tempted to cut down trees in neighbouring national parks. Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID crisis, the nursery and seedling production work has been carried out and is now complete.

A total of 15 different species of timber trees have been prepared in the nursery. All are endangered species and have nearly disappeared from this area. As for the fruit trees, 16 different species are now ready to be planted. Some are native to the Amazon, others, introduced to the region over 15 years ago, are non-invasive and have adapted to the climate of this area and needs of the local population.

Feedback from Griselda Tapuy, one of the project beneficiaries, from Sindy San Carlos community:

I got to know new plants thanks to the project […]. I even didn’t know that certain species existed or anything about their uses. For example, some timber trees are also medicinal. I explain to my daughters that these plants will help us in the future, for our own consumption and also to sell.”

Griselda Tapuy, project beneficiary, from Sindy San Carlos community ©Ishpingo

This project will benefit 48 farmers who, with support from the local NGO Ishpingo, have set up three nurseries: one in Sindy, one in San Carlos, and one in Santo Urku.

Everything is now ready for planting. Catch up with you soon for more news from the field!


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