FRANCE, Argentan region – planting of hedgerows by farmers in Normandy

Outcome of completed plantations on a farm © Bois Négoce Énergie

Background & challenges

This project aims to plant hedgerows, which are part of the typical landscape of the Normandy region. That is why it is focused on planting 20,000 hedgerow trees, in an area with diverse landscape: hedgerows and semi-hedgerows.

The project is designed on a one-to-one basis with each farmer to ensure overall understanding of the his or her needs and expectations. The species are selected together and take into account adaptation to climate change (e.g., the pedunculate oak is replaced by sessile oak) and diseases prevalent in the region (e.g., ash chalarose is why ash trees are missing).

The hedges are installed on three strata (three different tree heights).

This project is a continuation of the projects carried out in 2020 and 2021 in the Argentan region, which have already resulted in the planting of 14 000 trees with the participation of 46 farmers.

By planting these 20,000 trees it will be possible to tackle various environmental issues, namely:

preservation of biodiversity: planting these trees will provide sources of shelter and food for a rich and diverse fauna, as well as valuable support for local flora. The planted hedges will contribute towards boosting green areas and thus facilitate the movement of fauna on the territory;
water catchment: the roots of the hedgerows help capture nutrients and water in the different soils;
soil protection: hedges, with their windbreak effect, limit soil particles from transferring to crop fields;
carbon capture: energy wood used by cutting certain tree branches allows the use of a carbon-neutral energy source (through regrowth of the branches following their exploitation). Moreover, according to a study*, 1km of hedging stores the equivalent of 4.58 tonnes of CO2/year, i.e. 4.9kg of CO2 per perennial tree per year.

*Gac et al 2010 according Arrouays and al 2002, Soussana and al 2010.

Project type



The project is carried out with farmers in the Argentan region.

Also, all the inhabitants of the region will benefit from the project through restoration of the Norman bocage (mixed woodland and pasture) in this area.

Number of trees

21,400 trees planted, of which 20,000 are expected to remain over time.

Species planted

More then 15 different species at three different levels (strata)


Bois Négoce Energie

Sessile oak, field maple, flat maple, basswood, basswood, hornbeam, hazel, blood dogwood, black plum, laburnum, male dogwood, chestnut, black alder, viburnum, European charcoal, medlar, prickly hawthorn, warty birch, borage

The 2020 planting wave is marked in green dots, the 2021 planting wave is marked in orange dots and the new planting wave is within the green rectangle on the map.

Laying the biodegradable film © Bois Négoce Énergie

Works timeline

Wave 2021/2022 :

  • October 2021 to April 2022: Preparation of the soil, laying of mulch, installation of plants, installation of deer and rabbit protection.
  • June/July 2022: 1st maintenance

The calendar for the following years:

  • December 2022: pruning and replanting
  • June/July 2023 and June/July 2024: 2nd and 3rd maintenance

Wave 2022/2023:

  • October 2022 to April 2023: Preparation of the soil, laying of mulch, installation of plants, installation of deer and rabbit protection.
  • June/July 2023: 1st maintenance

The calendar for the following years:

  • December 2023: pruning and replanting
  • June/July 2024 and June/July 2025: 2nd and 3rd maintenance

Planting partner

Bois Négoce Energie is an SME specialising in two business activities: the production and trading of wood waste and recycled wood; purchasing, exploiting and marketing standing and roadside timber.

In addition to traditional recovery sectors, BNE offers its forestry and farming customers a wood energy solution. This allows them to recover low-value wood, without other outlets.

In parallel to forestry exploitation, BNE has diversified into valorising timber from hedgerows. The objective is to offer farmers a outlet for hedge wood by exploiting the linear by replanting.

Concerned about the perpetuation of the resource, BNE also offers a planting service for hedging and abandoned agricultural hedges. Similar to the approach for its exploitation sites, within this framework BNE proposes the intervention of a service provider, partner, specialized in the field of intervention.


The total funds to be raised amount to €180,000. The price for planting a lasting tree is €9 and breaks down as follows:

  • 95% allocated to the planting project, broken down as follows:
    • installation work (preparation, planting, protection): €6.13
    • 1st interview: €0.22
    • Replanting, 1st pruning and 2nd interview: €0.65
    • 3rd interview: €0.22
    • A Tree For You (14.77%) collection, monitoring and communication costs: €1.33
  • and 5% (€0.45) to support the structural costs of A Tree for You.

The project is co-financed by the farmers concerned to the tune of approximately €25,668 in total and by the Conseil Départemental de l’Orne to the tune of approximately €34,224. The total budget for the project is therefore €149,892, 60% of which is financed by the donations collected by A Tree for You.

They supported this project in 2021 and 2022:


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