June 2019, our producers and nursery owners in the spotlight!

Shooting of Agrisud's movie about Master-Farmers in Madagascar

Itasy, June 2019

Farmers and nursery owners of the Mahavotra project that you support through your donations, are part of a network called “Master-Farmers” (French abbreviation: MEx).

Since 2011, 317 MEx have been trained and are currently active, of whom 1/3 are women

The Master-farmers are farmers who train other farmers (usually their neighbors living in isolated rural areas) to agroecological best practices.

Training session on re-contouring land use


In the Itasy Region, Master-Farmers also grow agricultural services in order to increase their income, such as cutting or production and sale of seedlings (nurseries).

Jean-Maurice (MEx) has grown a new income-generating activity: a nursery


In the movie* recently made by Agrisud International, the nursery owner Jean-Maurice Rakotoniaina explains: “Every year we produce 70,000 fruit tree seedlings and 100,000 to 150,000 forest seedlings […] 15 people work here in total […] I can say that I am currently financially independent.”

Beyond plantings, this movie shows how Itasy farmers get trained and organized to develop a sustainable agriculture with strong economic and environmental impact on their territory.

* currently available only in Malagasy and French… sorry! 

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