March 2019, plantations make people happy!

Jasly, Marina and their kids, one of the families of the Mahavotra project in the village of Manazary / © Agrisud international

Manazary, march 2019

Jasly and Marina live in the village of Manazary in the Itasy region.  The Mahavotra project gave them the means to plant 249 young plants: 80 agroforestry plants (grafted Japanese mandarin trees) and 169 young forest plants (pines and eucalyptus robusta trees). Like this, they can pass on an inheritance to their children and increase their income which make them very happy!

Jasly dug a hole, then filled it with compost before filling it up for planting / © Agrisud international

To obtain seedlings offered by the project, Jasly had to get involved and invest his time before the planting phase. As a matter of fact, interested farmers must participate in a composting training and reproduce the techniques learned directly in their farms.

Thanks to this requirement, only truly motivated people are selected while ensuring that young plants will benefit from organic input for their growth.

Planting of a young mandarin tree by Jasly – village of Manazary /© Agrisud international

Jasly tell us what motivated him to participate in the project:

“A few years ago, I struggled to find lumber to build my home, and I know that future generations will need wood. This plantation is a saving for my old age and an inheritance for my two sons. Concerning the citrus, I had already planned to plant some but without enough money to start with. So the project arrived in good time for me.”

Next Step: Closing of the tree-planting campaign and first assessment!


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