Planting programme launched in Ecuador!

The tree nursery in Ecuador is ready! ©Ishpingo

Tena, october 2019

In Ecuador, in the Amazonian region of Tena, the nursery plants are ready and planting will run from the end of October to December 2019. Many farmers have volunteered to plant trees in their plots of land. Half of the beneficiaries are ready to plant while the other half is still in the preparation phase.

Indeed, preliminary steps to planning include:

discussions with the beneficiary to ensure he is committed to cultivating the plants and monitoring their growth;

agrarian diagnosis carried out by engineers from Ishpingo at each beneficiary’s site to evaluate the most appropriate agroforestry model and draw up, in agreement with the beneficiary, a reforestation plan (number and species of trees adapted).

cleaning the areas earmarked for planting, by each beneficiary and their family.

Each beneficiary will receive around 300 young trees that he and their family will plant during joint working day, together with volunteers and Ishpingo’s engineers.

See you soon for more news and pictures!

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